A New Standard
In Cold Weather



Our sub-arctic test facility harnesses severe northern winter conditions to yield authentic and practical test outcomes.

Our location in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada experiences an average of 222 days per year with temperatures dipping below 0°C (32°F) and up to six months of snow coverage. Substantial cost efficiency exists in testing, as it negates the need to invest in expensive artificial cold chambers. Moreover, the extended duration of the cold season empowers testers to efficiently carry out their tasks in a timely manner.

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Days Below 0°C

222 DAYS


3800 SQFT


19000 SQFT

In addition to our large workshop and cold soaking chamber, our advanced cold weather test facility includes office space, board room/training centre and areas for event hosting and product demonstrations.


19,000 sqft heated workshops includes a wide variety of equipment and amenities including:

  • 11 service bays with hoists and workspace
  • Hoist capacity from 9,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs
  • Fuel transfer system
  • Mobile equipment such as hydraulic jacks, engine hoist and tire changer
  • Large machinery such as sandblaster, plasma cutter and welder
  • Extensive hand tool workshop supplied with everything you need for repairs and adjustments.

Contact us for a full list of equipment and tools.

Cold Soaking Chamber

Need it colder? Area_55 features a dual chamber cold soaking building (3,800 sqft) that can accommodate several vehicles and equipment items and provide temperatures as low as -30°C.

The chamber is available for use from December to March.


The facility offers 9 private offices of varying sizes for a variety of needs. All offices have access to free wifi, office supplies, whiteboards and basic furniture such as desks and office chairs.

Board Room

Area_55’s board room comfortably seats 15 persons around a large board table or the room can be re-configured for a full size training room for up to 20 people. A/V amenities in the board room include:

  • 55” Plasma TV
  • Owl Conference System (coming soon)
  • Whiteboards
  • Kitchenette (fridge, microwave and sink)

Events & Demonstrations

Area_55 can assist with your product demonstration on or off site. We can assist with catering, facility set up, media and other needs to make your event a success.

At Home Comforts

We know our clients work hard and are at the facility sometime for long hours. Area_55 can supply you with a comfortable lounge area with full kitchen and shower facilities to keep you on top of your game.

Outdoor Amenities

Clients will have access to 2 of the airport runways daily from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am. Runway features include:

  • 5,800 ft paved runway surface
  • 5,000 ft gravel runway surface

If you required surface with different types of terrain or elevation, our team can work with our community partners to best accommodate your needs.

Additional outdoor space includes two large and secure parking and storage lots

Training Centre

Coming Soon

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Learn more about our advanced cold research facility.